Can you perceive that life is a journey to God, that this journey is the purpose of your life, and that this journey will utterly transform you into a child of God?

I poorly understood this basic truth growing up. Rather I saw a list of things to believe and a list of things to do. I did not for a moment grasp that life was about who God called me to become. I did not realize just how much He intended to do for me on this side of heaven, if only I pursued Him, if only I began my Journey to Him in earnest.  

Realizing the truth of what God wants for you and I in ever greater depths has become the backdrop of my writing, the foundation of every other theme and subject. But how else could it be, once we realize that the Journey to God envelops the entire purpose of our life?

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Our Forgotten Journey to God
This Is What You Were Born to Do!

"The Son of God became a son of man
so that the sons of men might become sons of God"

-St. Athanasius (c. 297-373)

Our Forgotten Journey to God: This Is What You Were Born to Do!  helps the average Christian in the pew rediscover the Journey and our royal destiny as children of God. "The Nature of Things" (part one) dives into our perception of reality, of God and the universe, so that we may perceive the Journey. It challenges how we look at ourselves and others, how we seek truth and solutions to problems. These chapters establish a proper disposition for the rest of the book. "The Journey" (part two) focuses on this journey to God, the very purpose of our lives. These chapters use many approaches to both inspire and challenge us in our journey. The Journey is not simply one purpose among many; it is our primary purpose. "Prayer" (part three) reveals that prayer is the very foundation of our life with God. It is through prayer that we come to know God intimately and become ever more fully His children. These chapters introduce us to prayer and then draw on the writings of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross to better grasp both prayer and the nature of the Journey.

Read the Preface, Introduction, and first two chapters.

About Me…

"Be All You Can Be!" the Army recruiter once challenged V.W. Malzahn. Vince couldn't help but smirk. He knew the only one who can make good on that promise is Jesus. This journey with Jesus is far more difficult than anything the Army could ever dream up. We must give all we have and then trust God to do what we cannot!

Vince has dedicated his life to this intellectual and spiritual journey to God. He has led small groups for 30 years, with a focus on the Journey. Now he is taking his writing to new levels with that same focus. He readily admits he has a long way to go on the Journey, but this doesn't worry him. He insists the important thing is that each of us is on the Journey and making progress forward each day.

He has been inspired by the zealous yet ecumenical works of folks like C.S. Lewis and Chuck Colson, by the deep insights of folks like St. Pope John Paul II and St. John of the Cross, by the unique needs of modern folks like you and I.

Vince lives with his wife, Fran, and his daughter, Natalie, on the edge of a cherry orchard overlooking the Yakima River in Washington State. They enjoy country life near their family and church community.

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